A Christian, Excellency, International School, offering high quality education to children 18 months to 8 years old (up to 2nd grade /CE1), in  French, Spanish, and English. Now your best choice in Houston for a French Preschool and an Elementary French School.
Our quasi individual education, and strong curriculum ensure that children are above level in all academic dsciplines. The English curriculum is above State mandated knowledge base.
Eagles On The Rock Academy is following the curriculum (École Maternelle/École Primaire) of the Ministère Français de l’Éducation Nationale (via CNED and Cours π). This curriculum is adapted in Spanish and English. The children will study the same themes and books (or similar) in each language, taught by qualified teachers in each target language. The English part is above State mandatory levels. Low Student to teacher ratios, Spacious and Bright classes.
On our 7.5 Acres campus, not only will the children receive an excellent classroom instruction in French/Spanish/english, but each child will also access unique Specials: Farm Discovery (Goats, Sheep, Pot Belly Pigs on campus), Gardening (greenhouse and outdoor), Music (Kinder Music Curriculum), Choir, P.E. (Soccer Coach), Applied Art, Drama/Theater, Introduction to Sciences.
As a true non-profit entity, Eagles On The Rock Academy sponsors children in need in Central and South America, by donating 10% of all tuition to charitable organizations that build schools, fight child’s trafficking and provide safe shelters to disadvantaged children.

433, South Barker Cypress – Houston, TX 77094

Call us: 281-945-4540 (FR/EN) or 281-599-9777 (SP/EN)
Email: Info@AcademyOnTheRock.Org