And has made known to us your love in the Spirit. Colossians 1:8

Once we become followers of Christ, a wonderful process of regeneration takes place in our lives. The fruit of the Spirit prioritizes the vital aspect of love. How can we love like God and pass it on to others? This is one particular area where we will be tested for the rest of our lives while on this earth. It is easy to love those who love us back, but loving those who do not like us or hold opposing beliefs is a personal battle. Jesus commanded us to love our enemies and those who persecute us. That is a difficult act to follow, especially when people do us wrong.

To love like God, we need the Helper. We must ask for the assistance of the Holy Spirit. When it comes to learning how to love like God, we need to understand the difference between natural and supernatural love. If we fill ourselves with the love of God, passing this love on to others becomes a lifestyle. Once we distinguish loving others through the Spirit is different than natural love, we will reap the benefits of loving all our neighbors.

Natural love says, “I love you because you are attractive to me.” It says, “If you love me back or do something for me, then I will do the same. Natural love is based on reciprocal negotiation and crumbles when those expectations are not met. Sometimes you wonder when you see people who were supposedly “happily married” at one point, but later you find that they hate each other to the point of divorce. Some even go as far as committing crimes against the person they once loved. You see, natural love has the tendency to be seasonal. The love of the Spirit suffers all, believes all things, and conquers all.

The reality is that living in the Spirit is beyond natural love. When we struggle with loving people who appear to be undeserving for whatever reason, this is when we need the Spirit’s love more than ever. It is the love of the Spirit which helps us see others with the love of God regardless of their condition. It is the love of the Spirit which allows us to have compassion and love all those in need. It is the love of the Spirit which helps forgive the people that have wronged us.

Ask yourself if you are only responding to the needs around you with natural love. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you love others according to God’s love and purpose. Begin to be sensitive to the Spirit and love with God’s love.

Por el Pastor Jorge Cardenas