He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. Matthew 3:11 B

Fire when properly used has many energetic benefits. The symbol of the Holy Spirit fire has many powerful benefits for the believer. In fact, it says in Scripture that all our deeds will be tested by fire. When a forest fire starts naturally, it has a purpose to remove all the dead and unnecessary bush. After the fire happens, the forest regains its beauty and new life thrives. When Moses had the encounter with the burning bush which the fire did not consume it was a very perplexing and an awesome view which attracted the prophet to hear the voice of God and receive his godly mission.

By the same token, every believer in Christ needs an encounter with the fire of God with the person of the Holy Spirit. After his resurrection, Jesus told his disciples to wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit to give birth to his church. One hundred and twenty people waited in prayer in the upper room for this event to take place. When it happened, they experienced the Holy fire! The church of the living God needs a continuous experience of God’s fire. His fire will consume all the dried areas of our lives. It will empower us for our godly mission. It will clear all the unnecessary debris piled up over the years. It will sanctify our soul and spirit.

The consuming fire of God is used to purify us and to make us useful for his kingdom. Precious metals, gold and silver will not shine unless refined by fire. Since we are precious to our living God, we will be refined by the power of the Holy Spirit flame within us. Just like those people in the upper room, every believer must experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Once we as believers experienced this event, our Christian walk will be filled with mighty purposes. We will experience the character and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

But most of all, the consuming fire of the Spirt will enable us to be a unique witness of his glory here on earth. Ministry and desires to be close to God develops by the holy fire. Our spiritual disciplines become a joy rather than a chore. Our Bible reading becomes a quest of great discoveries. Our devotional time will be very special where we will seek and hunger for the things of God. The fire of the Spirit will make the difference when we face challenges. Your Christian fruitfulness is evident by the process of this holy fire.

By Pastor Jorge Cardenas