How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him. Acts 10:38

Acts 10:38

From the moment of our birth, we come into this world in some level of pain. It is the famous spank we get which confirms our livelihood. Once we experience our first trauma out of the wound, we spend the rest of our life seeking healing of all our wounds. We can safely say that we wonder on a quest to heal in our lifetime. Some have arrived in this world and experienced rejection right away. Like the child who was unwanted and placed right away for adoption. Even for those whose parents were awaiting and thrilled by their birth, they will eventually will experience the normal pains of life in a hostile world. 

Because of the original sin of man, we all carry feelings and the reality of brokenness. Sometimes the environment that was supposed to be a nurturing and safe place turned out to be the origin of most our pain. For a broken child who is dealing with major issues with self-identity in life sometimes is unbearable. If we want to hear about people broken because of identity displaced, we need to hear what most foster children will express about their experience with brokenness. 
While in the time of Jesus’ ministry, there were individuals dealing with health issues from depression to evil possession, from blindness to leprosy and all other kinds of human tragedy. In our days we are able to see so many wonders of science curing and eradicating common deceases. However, human brokenness continues to plague society. Indeed, we have gained some positive ground in technology to make life better; however, we are now dealing with a an unprecedented human disconnect. Relationships do not last as they used to. People move from a place to another in a snap of a finger. 

We are in desperate need of healing in our days, not so much physical but most likely spiritual and emotional. Broken lives need mending. People are escaping their pain in worlds of fantasy and systematic addictions. We are trying to mend our brokenness with little bandages to heal horrific wounds. Only the power of the Holy Spirit will produce everlasting healing. To have access to such formidable power, we must humble ourselves and request for the Holy Spirit to heal our past wounds and present. It is the love and sweetness of the Spirit that will eventually help us deal and cure our wounds. Everyone has a level of brokenness, our road to recover happens once we take a step of faith and ask: Holy Spirit please heal me!

By Pastor Jorge Cardenas